Wednesday, June 11, 2008

National Youth Workers Convention 2008

Thinking about attending the Nashville youth workers' convention hosted by Youth Specialties this November ( I'll see you there! I'm leading two workshops: one on "The Role of Imagination in Spiritual Formation" and the other on "Re-imagining Confirmation." The topics will expand on some of the ideas in my book "The God-Hungry Imagination: The Art of Storytelling for Postmodern Youth Ministry" (see link at right), though you won't have to read the book to get what I'm talking about (though, of course, reading the book would only enrich your experience, but then again, I'm slightly biased). let me know if you plan to attend, and maybe we can connect. One of my main stations will be the Upper Room booth in the exhibition hall (more info to come). Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Brett Bartels said...

I attended the NYWC in Nashville. I missed your seminar on Confirmation due to a flight out, but got the CD and loved it. I especially loved your borrowed idea of a week-long camp. I hope to further still the idea. I'm in the process of brokering a deal with my present class of confirmands for a few weekly classes off in exchange for a weekend away together. Do you have any place where you talk more, or blog, about confirmation stuff? Thanks, Brett