Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I caved.

I'm on it.

And addicted.

After all my griping and complaining about "virtual friends"! After all my doom and gloom prophecies that we will all be on more antidepressants than ever because we can be rejected or ignored by the click of a button!


So if you are, in fact, friends or family with me (I mean, if you know me personally, not just through my books--sorry, dear readers), stop by. Invite me to be your cyber friend. Say hi. Write on my wall. I promise, I will not reject or ignore you, even if I'm silent for a long time while writing my next project or paper. Jesus loves us all.

1 comment:

the rabbit hole said...

Hi Sarah,

I receive your newsletter, am currently, in the middle of a book project, and am also on Facebook. Is there a group there that you're a part of?