Monday, September 22, 2008

Attack of the Snark

Just feeling a little jaded lately, a wee bit snarky on all fronts. Haven't we had the presidential election YET? Are we really all that suprised about the collapses on Wall Street? And meanwhile I've only been in graduate school for just over one year (of two) and already I've got senioritis. I'm so outta here. I suppose it's a symptom of how many times I've moved in the past three years, plus the fact that I'll be moving again by June--moving to some as-yet-unknown location where I'll start all over with building friendships and putting down roots. When nothing seems permanent, why bother? I could offer a cheesy devotional answer, but I'd rather side with the author of Ecclesiastes on this one. Vanity, vanity. Snarkiness has its own comforts (and, apparently, its own place in the Canon).