Wednesday, February 10, 2010

.slant 33 blog

I'm not sure if this is public yet, but I haven't been told otherwise: I've been invited to be a contributor for a new youth ministry blog that provides three perspectives on various issues, including prayer, worship, narrative, social justice, etc. The first topic (on prayer) is now posted, with perspectives from myself, Steve Argue of Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, and Jim Hampton, professor of youth ministry at Asbury Theological Seminary.

The funny thing is, all three of us made a point of "introducing" our readers to The Book of Common Prayer. Whaddup with Evangelical Protestants now going unapologetically Anglo-Catholic?!? I'm sensing a theme...

Anyway, other contributors include Scott McKnight, Chris Folmsbee, Mike King, Dave Rahn, Andy Root, Claire Smith, Brooklyn Lindsey, and Danny Kwon. A couple of us are way famous (not me). One of us is a former model (not me). At least three of us are using The Book of Common Prayer, apparently. It will be interesting to see where this blog takes us!


Faith Imagined said...

I will be looking forward to it!

Alisa Hope

Hannah Brown said...

I am enjoying your book "Dating Mr. Darcy". I just wanted to ask if that is you on the cover? And if so, where did you get your dress? I love it! Thanks for the great writing!

Sarah Arthur said...

Thanks for the kudos on the book! That's not me on the cover (Tyndale has a graphic design team which works out all those details) -- but I love it, and the dress too :)

Luba Zakharov said...

This is off topic, but I can't find your email address. Write me. I'm still where I was.