Saturday, February 07, 2009

Winter update

Well, since my last post was in September, it only seems fair to reward those who keep checking this blog with something like a new post. So here it is, short and sweet. I am presently completing my final semester in the master of theological studies program at Duke Divinity School, attempting to take a full course load (plus audit a fifth class), complete my master's thesis, AND head up the first annual juried arts exhibit at DDS. Oh, and maintain some semblance of a freelance writing & speaking career (for updates on where I'll be speaking in 2009, click here). Perhaps the craziest thing in all this is that last weekend, VERY short notice, my husband and I were flown to Lansing, MI to meet the church where Tom will be appointed as pastor come July 1. Yes, it's official! More details to come...

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